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Fabio Capello says managing England will be his last job

Fabio Capello, one of the best managers ever involved in football, has announced that he will not be looking for another job when he finishes with England after the UEFA Euro 2012 competition. The announcement was contrary to wide held opinion that the Italian would finish his contract with England and then search for another job, perhaps in his native Italy, with a major club. Many analysts even suggested that Fabio Capello was interested in returning to Juventus in Turn, where he enjoyed tremendous success earlier in the century. The Italian has enjoyed remarkable success in Italy and Spain but has yet to replicate the success on the international arena with England.

Fabio Capello ensured England qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and this achievement alone was in some eyes considered a success, considering the failure of the previous regime, controlled by Steve McClaren, in qualifying for the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament finals. Steve McClaren, since leaving the position as England manager, has since enjoyed a title win with AZ in the Eredevisie in Holland and is now in charge of Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga in Germany. As a result of his success on the domestic scene Steve McClaren has, in some circles, even been touted with a potential return to the top position in English football, as manager of the national team. His return would complete a somewhat remarkable turnaround in reputation for the man only a few years ago dubbed ‘the wolly with the brolly’ – English speak for a fool with an umbrella – after a photograph caught him looking confused in the rain during England’s defeat against Croatia at Wembley in the qualifying stages for the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament finals.

Capello will obviously want to leave football on a high and therefore will have every intention of dispacing Spain as UEFA European champions in 2012. The tournament will be hosted in Poland and Ukraine but in the meanwhile the England manager must find solutions to a number of problems. In attack he needs Wayne Rooney to rediscover his form. In midfield he needs to find a permanent solution to the Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard conundrum – the fact that both play well for their clubs and for England only when they play individually for when they play as a partnership neither is capable of excelling himself. In defence Fabio Capello must also decide whether Rio Ferdinand is capable of returning to form and whether John Terry can reassert himself on the international scene and play for England in a similar way to how he performs for Chelsea.