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Fabio Capello Has The Right Idea Now!

Uefa Cup Final 2008 candidBring the ladies along.

Fabio Capello!  Good job!  I never thought I’d say that.  Not because I hate him, but because he had made some pretty bad managerial moves in the past few months.  Now, he seems to be on the right track.

The WAGS might have a way back into the lives of their men as Fabio Capello is very close to changing his mind and allowing his squad to have contact with their wives or girlfriends during the World Cup.  This is a GREAT decision!  Not only does it say to his players–I give a crap about you and your feelings–but it somewhat makes up for the blow England took when we found out that David Beckham’s rehab is badly behind schedule which makes him EXTREMELY doubtful for the World Cup.

I think alot of people are under the impression that having wives and girlfriends around distracts players, but I’ll tell you something–unless it’s a REALLY selfish player like Cristiano Ronaldo then the presence of a woman is a good influence for a guy.

If you’re married of course you want to have your wife around–and your kids too–because that’s your family.  Not the team.

If you’re really involved with a girl then having her share the World Cup experience with you should be really inspiring to you.  The “distraction” of women is constant for rich/good-looking guys like them.  So, having your woman around should help.

Now, since I have blasted Fabio Capello in this space multiple times I have to say, good job!  This is the right move.  You thought of your players and not yourself.  You reconsidered your position and decided to do right by your team.  I’m impressed.  Most men would never admit a “mistake” and change course.  You did.  For that you should be commended.

England’s chances just improved.  This is a good thing.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jorge-11