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Fabiano to Tottenham?

walking outLuis Fabiano has been taught a valuable lesson this summer. Never discredit a potential boss. Or in a footballer’s case never discredit a potential transfer offer. Fabiano claimed a few months back that he was interested in a move to one of two different well respected organizations while discrediting a third. Manchester United and AC Milan were the two teams the Sevilla striker hoped would woo him.  And after biding his time during the World Cup neither team was willing to make a deal with the Brazilian.

And for whatever reason the offers haven’t poured in from either club and Fabiano has found his transfer dream of heading to a mega-team potentially deserted.  The twenty nine year forward knows that the time for making a big championship title run is right now and, ironically, it looks like Fabiano will possibly join a team he once labeled too small for his services and overlooked while dreaming up a move to Old Trafford.

It was when Fabiano voiced his desire to join Man U or AC Milan that the Sevilla man admittedly showed little interest in a transfer move to Tottenham claiming a move to White Hart Lane wasn’t even an upgrade on his current organization in La Liga. But considering Harry Redknapp’s club is the only one persistently willing to work out a deal; now it appears Fabiano is singing a much different tune about the EPL side.

Fabiano made this positive comment about Tottenham last week:

I must admit it’s only in the last few weeks I have understood just how big Spurs’ ambition is.

And to tell you the truth Tottenham is the perfect place for Fabiano to go to in the EPL. He could play full time for a winning side and at twenty nine he could potentially start for another three or four years at least before his time was up. The Spurs might not have the same ring to it as Chelsea or Man U, but for a player whose skills are beginning to fade Tottenham would be a dream destination.

Too bad it took so long for Fabiano to realize it too.

Creative Commons License photo credit: apasciuto