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Fabiano, Sevilla "Is Close To My Heart"

Sevilla forward Luis Fabiano may not be a favorite on the pitch these days for the Sevilla coaching staff, but the Brazilian national team starter claims that he has always remained loyal to the La Liga club over the last six seasons.

Fabiano recently suggested that reports this summer claiming the star was trying to seal his transfer away from the top four club to Manchester United, AC Milan, or Tottenham, were untrue and the twenty nine year old said that Sevilla is “close to my heart.”

Fabiano’s full statement in AS:

There are people who do not believe me, but this team is close to my heart. I owe everything to this club, and I’ve always said that I’m very happy here. It’s my sixth season here. After all this time, I cannot prove anything more to anyone. I only have to keep doing my job of scoring goals.

And considering that he is under contract until 2013 and has been a regular scorer for the club over the last six seasons with over 50 total goals, I’d say that Fabiano has no choice but to continue supporting his La Liga side until his contract is close to ending. Fabiano did suggest a few weeks back that he would be forced to consider leaving the squad if they continued to leave him out of the lineup regularly, but with a two goal performance over the weekend against Atheltic Bilbao Fabiano may have just secured his spot in the starting eleven once again.

Fabiano has only started in three matches this season, but since he just agreed to a new deal his loyalty can not really questioned at the moment. A few more two goal performances and it will not be questioned again for the rest of this winter.