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Fabiano Out for the Holidays

Luis Fabiano has had one of the most impressive starts to the La Liga season of any top flight player.  But unfortunately, the key Brazilian striker will be missing the rest of December with a sprained ankle.  The injury is not considered too serious, but expect Fabiano to join Sevilla the week after Christmas as the earliest possible window for the star’s return.

Fabiano sprained his ankle last weekend in Sevilla’s 1-1 draw with Valladolid.  The Brazilain had to leave the match and it is still not necessarily known how much time the striker will miss although it is being reported that the injury will likely keep him out for two to three weeks of action.

And so far this La Liga season many of the biggest and brightest stars have been plagued by the old injury bug.  Obviously Cristiano Ronaldo is the most prime example of this struggle to be ready to play and even Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi have spent their fair share of time nursing pulled muscles and serious strains. 

Do you think that these footballers are overworked and that they have too many matches on the schedule year round or is this all just part of a grueling long schedule and the tradition of a respected ancient sport?

I know Carlos Tevez and a few other fairly young stars have expressed interest in early retirement simply because their bodies are beginning to be broken down, but does the current schedule with all of the cups deplete these superstars health?

Lets hope not, but then again La Liga will be missing another brilliant goal scorer for about a month’s worth of action.