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FA Cup Memories

I was watching the FA Cup games over the weekend, enjoying the small stadiums, packed to the rafters, cheering their team on against bigger, more famous opponents.

The FA Cup brought memories of previous FA Cup ties that I saw as a kid. Standing on the terraces of Wembley watching Man United beat Liverpool in the FA Cup final. Or following Coventry to Leyton Orient in the early 1970’s and having the ground be full of only Coventry supporters at the end as the Sky Blues won easily.

The FA Cup has not always been full of happy thoughts, especially if you grow up as a Coventry fan. One memory I will always have is being at Anfield for an FA Cup tie and standing in the kop. The Kop back them held over 25,000 fans and hearing than many people swaying and singing You Will Never Walk Alone is something that I will never forget.

The Kop is much smaller now, but Anfield is still s special place to watch a football game, especially if it is a big European night. One of those nights took place a couple of years ago when Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0 in the European Cup semi-final. Some Liverpool fans say that the You Will Never Walk Alone at the end of the game was the best ever. What do you think?