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Expensive Sanchez Worth As Much As Messi

The Italian Serie A may be dubbed as under crisis by many football pundits but the talents from the country are still plenty and expensive especially when the club’s president gave an special price tag for those players. After Javier Pastore, who is being price in a very high number, the latest reports suggested that Udinese’s on form winger, Alexis Sanchez, is also being valued highly by his team’s patron, Giampaolo Pozzo.

Acknowledging the fat that Sanchez has been attracting the attention of many big clubs, Pozzo, seemed eager to keep his talent or at least get a reasonably huge number should Sanchez does leave the Zebras. Revealing about the possible amount that required amount to prize up his asset, the President confidently stated that the young Chilean would be worth as much as the current Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, as according to the Patron, both players have similar quality.

In my opinion, he is worth Messi,” Pozzo said. “He has the same capabilities and potential. And I don’t even know how much Messi is worth…”

With clubs like Inter Milan, Chelsea and even Manchester United are reportedly interested in buying Sanchez in the summer, keeping the winger might be a difficult job to do especially if the player himself request a move. However, Pozzo does have a hope in keeping the Chilean next season as if Udinese can somehow get a Champions League spot for the summer, the 22-years-old could be persuaded to play another season with the Bianconeri.

“There is a big difference between the Champions League and the Europa League, In terms of economics, reaching the Champions League would allow us to make certain offers to a number of our players who currently have requests on the table.We could tell those players that we too have a project at this club,” Pozzo stated.

Looking at Udinese’s red hot form at the moment, there’s a big chance that they could actually steal the last Champions League spot that at the moment is being acquired by Lazio. However, despite getting the spot, the interest for Sanchez would definitely remain high and if he can keep performing brilliantly for the Bianconeri until the season end, for sure the Chilean would be one of the hottest property in the transfer market next summer.