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Ex-Madrid star David Beckham says – "I believe they [Real Madrid] will be number one this year.”

Former Real Madrid star, David Beckham, has faith that Los Blancos can finish first in the Primer Division and take back the title as the Champions.

Beckham, who now plays for Major League Soccer’s L.A. Galaxy, believes that with the new president in place and Jose Mourinho taking over as coach, Madrid will finish better in the season despite Barcelona adding some start players in their squad as well.

David Beckham went on to say the following to Spanish television, Antena 3:

“As much as I respect Barcelona and think it’s a great club, my heart is always with Real Madrid. So I believe that this year, with the manager they’ve got in, with Florentino [Perez, Madrid president] – I love Florentino who is such a great man and makes special things happen at the club – so with him there, with the players they’ve got at the club, I believe they will be number one this year.”

On the subject of Jose Mourinho, Beckham knows that he is a great coach and considers him a great person. Beckham went on to say the following of Mourinho:

“I love him as a person, he’s an incredible person. He was one of the first people to send me a message after I did my injury.”

Aside from the statements made about Real Madrid, Beckham also shared some thoughts about who will win the Ballon d’Or award. With some of his former friends on the list to win the award, Beckham went on to give Villa credit but says he will give the award to Iker Casillas because “He’s my [Beckham] friend!”

Do you agree with Beckham? Who is your vote for the Ballon d-Or? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.