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Even Without a SuperClasico We Got High Drama in the MLS Cup Race

L.A. and Chivas brought us some major drama in the MLS Playoffs first ever SuperClasico in a battle for Los Angeles bragging rights and some sorely needed points in the Conference Semifinals.  Chivas has to struggle to pull together a draw on the Galaxy, but the fireworks have only just begun.  They’re going to do it all over again on Sunday the 8th and don’t expect anything less than a mega-showdown.

With Chivas gunning for a good-looking Galaxy team that pressure goes squarely on the shoulders of the Galaxy players and coaches.  L.A. is fielding Landon Donovan (the player of the year and of the decade), David Beckham (a mediocre [and old] midfielder, but still a name that draws attention) and Sean Franklin.  You’d think they could put Chivas in their place, but now L.A. is fighting for its life with a team they SHOULD be able to beat.

I’m going to bring this up again.  Is Landon Donovan an emotional leader or is he just a good player?  Is David Beckham an emotional leader or is he just an old guy who costs alot of money?  Is Sean Frankling the new wave of the future or is he just a good young player who will fizzle out under the pressure?

When you cost as much as you do and have as much of the spotlight as the Galaxy have then one would think that these early round matches would be blowouts.  I’ve heard stories of Mike Krzyzewski telling his Duke teams that they were supposed to go out there and “embarrass” their opponent.  Where’s the fire in L.A.?  I mean, I thought it was there because it wasn’t in Chicago…

Chicago dropped on the New England for no good reason.  They were in New England (with about 7500 people there) so home-field advantage was non-existent.  How come the Fire couldn’t get it together long enough to beat a team that hovered and hovered and won one match to get into the playoffs?

The bold predictions follow in my brain when I see all of these oddities occurring:

Chivas takes out L.A. again

Chicago gives another match to New England

My boys from Salt Lake beat up on Columbus, again


Houston shows Seattle who’s boss

I sure hope I’m right because my adopted boys from RSL are up again on Thursday…