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Eto’o Return To Inter Is An Invention

Eto'o la hace de cerillo de supermercadoInter Milan fans’ euphoria with the latest rumors circulating about Samuel Eto’o’s potential short return was immediately flushed away after the Cameroon international’s current club, Anzhi Machakalaka, dismissed that suggestion.

The Russian club’s technical director, German Chistiakov, was the one who immediately denied the possibilities of Eto’o making a return on loan to Inter during the Russian league’s break sometime in November.

Chistiakov revealed that loaning Eto’o to Inter is not something that Anzhi would even consider as they want the Cameroon international to focus on the club’s preparation instead on concentrating with other club, during that league break. The director believes that his new star striker will be professional enough in respecting the Russian club’s demand, as the wealthy club obviously hope that their top earner won’t be washed up phsyically by the time Anzhi gets back in action.

It’s impossible to imagine such a scenario, not even in your worst nightmare. At the time being suggested, Eto’o will be preparing for the season with Anzhi and he’ll do so with all of his professionalism,” Chistiakov revealed.

Backing up Chistiakov’s statement, former As Roma manager, Luciano Spaletti, who currently worked with another Russia team, Zenit St. Peterburg, also believes that the rumors circulating in Italy regarding Eto’o is just some invention by the press. Spaletti revealed that although loaning the Cameroon international would actually give a bad precedent towards Inter as it means that their management admits they’ve made a mistake in the market and doesn’t trust their new signings.

This story is just journalistic invention. It would be difficult for such a move to be done, I don’t think it could be done,” Spaletti revealed. “It would also be an admission of an error by Inter. Signing Eto’o would mean that the club don’t have faith in their current players.”

Previously there were strong rumors circulating in Italian media stating that Eto’o is working to get himself back at Inter in a loan method starting from November until February. This news however, sounded more of a speculation as the press apparently think that the transfer move could eventually happen just like David Beckham’s loan option done by Ac Milan few seasons ago.


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