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England’s 2018 Bid Failure Blamed On Media

FIFA Vice President Jack Warner has responded to allegations that he was one of the 5 men who betrayed England’s bid to vote differently after giving both Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William his word.

Mr. Warner maintained that England had themselves to blame for failing to capture the 2018 bid. According to Mr.Warner, the investigations carried out by the BBC on two FIFA executive committee members for vote trading was the main reason why their bid failed.

“Suffice it to say that the Fifa ExCo as a body could not have voted for England having been insulted by their media in the worst possible way at the same time. To do so would have been the ultimate insult [to Fifa].”

An ultimate insult. Many are now wondering whether Russia and Qatar were the right countries to host the tournaments. England, London in particular will host the 2012 summer Olympic games and despite losing the 2018 World Cup bid,they have the opportunity to show FIFA hwo wrong they were in denying them this golden opportunity.

The two executive committee members Mr. Adamu from Nigeria and Mr.Temarii have both received harsh suspensions from the World governing football body in addition to hefty fines for their roles in FIFA’s worst ever scandal in recent history.

It remains to be seen how the English media will react to Mr. Warner’s statements with most stakeholders still infuriated with the utter betrayal of people considered close allies for their failed bid.

Focus now turns to both Russia and Qatar who now have the chance to showcase the best of their countries. But before that happens, we have the 2014 event to look forward to.

Photo credit: from www.news.co.tt