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England Vs Brazil Preview

For all you football fans out there, Saturday will be an important date to mark on your calendars. Once again it will be a remake of the mouth-watering 2002 world cup quarterfinal match between England and Brazil.

That day Brazil prevailed 2-1 thanks to the ingenuity of Ronaldinho and company. This time however, there is no Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo or Rivaldo. Brazilian coach Dunga will have to keep faith with his young squad who although are not as entertaining, they do deliver the results.

There was a time that the samba boys were the team to beat be it in a friendly or in a competitive setting. I am sorry to say that that time is long gone. Brazil are no longer as entertaining as they used to be. They seemed to have lost their flair when Dunga was named coach.

I won’t be surprised to see England win on Saturday. Why shouldn’t they? They have the players. Just look at the likes of Lampard and Gerrard. In attack you have Rooney and Crouch who despite his physical appearance has one of the most impressive records when it comes to International matches.

That said, Brazil are still the best footballing nation on the face of the planet and i expect them to show their Brilliance when they face the English in a friendly on Saturday.