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England Now Being Gone From Champs League Does Have Its Benefits

John Terry is right.  When England got itself completely out of the Champion’s League with Arsenal falling to Barca that simply made it easier for the English World Cup squad to prepare.  Granted, the EPL season is not yet over, but gallivanting all over Europe for the Champion’s League is just another bother when the English are trying very hard to eye success at the World Cup.

It would easy to say that this is wishful thinking since there are still games to play, but think about the implications.

The English have stars, but none of those stars are running a team through the Champion’s League now.  Leo Messi has to push Barca all the way through the Champion’s League AND La Liga because he IS the leader in Barcelona and he’s the world’s best player.

John Terry and Wayne Rooney and company are on very solid teams that can live without them and perhaps can get a little bit of rest in the process.  I’m not saying that this process became easy or that early exits guarantee success in the World Cup, but it certainly helps.

Terry is also right in thinking that the psychological advantage helps when you NEED all the help you can get–like the English who haven’t done anything at the World Cup since the 60’s.

“It’s disappointing there won’t be an English club in the final because it’s the biggest game you can play in for your club.  But England meet up in Austria on May 17 and the Champions League final is five days later.”

“Had one of our teams got to the final the squad would have had some very notable absentees for what is a big phase of our preparation. Now we will all be together and can get some good solid grounding in as a whole. I’m sure from that perspective Mr Capello is happy.”

Eyes on the prize boys…eyes on the prize.