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England Has More Drama Than Terry

Now that England has stripped John Terry of his captaincy they have a ton more drama to deal with.  They are dealing with injuries and call-ups and this just adds to the circus that they STARTED when they took away John Terry’s captaincy instead of holding their course and keeping their team together.  John Terry was only the beginning…

Because Ashley Cole is injured England has called up Wayne Bridge to take his place.  I have no problem with this, but notice the news stories surrounding Bridge’s call-up.  His Manager has to confirm to the press that he won’t refuse the call-up even though Bridge plays for a crappy Man City club.  Why do we need such confirmation?

Oh, I know, because the English team is a freaking ever-loving disaster and the guy who is making the call-ups is the same guy who took away John Terry’s captaincy.  Would you want Fabio Capello to be calling out of the blue?  I wouldn’t.  I be afraid it was bad news, and given the way he handled Terry I wouldn’t want to play for him.  I’ve got a better idea.

Have David Beckham put the team together.  Yes, he’s a marginal player these days, but he’s a big name and, by all accounts, a good guy.  Wouldn’t you want a nice dude with a pretty wife to call you and tell you to come play for England?

Just imagine the difference.  In “Goldeneye” Alec and James say “For England?”, they agree and go to work.  Now, imagine Fabio Capello asking you “For England?”  Wouldn’t you say, “Uh, NOT with YOU!” and run screaming in the other direction?

I know England had high hopes, but this just isn’t happening.  It’s not the players…it’s the management.  They’re screwing it up and no one’s calling them to account for it.