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England Doubles Their Distraction

Yet again we stumble…

After an extremely tumultuous couple of weeks with John Terry and his affair with a former teammates ex-girlfriend (yes, that’s what it is) Fabio Capello has decided to strip Terry of the English Captaincy.  Well, I hope the folks flying the flag of the “Three Lions” can wait another 4 years for World Cup glory.

It was already bad enough that this report had surfaced and there was so much controversy swirling around Terry that there were already enough distractions and enough questions to be answered.  Have we not learned a few things:

1.  The media in the UK is INSANE.  If people think playing sports in New York is hard they need to try doing it “across the pond”.  Basically, they’re all like paparazzi and they don’t let up.

2.  Most media members are unashamed to ask anybody any question even if it’s completely inappropriate at the time.

3.  Now EVERY guy on the English squad is going to have to answer questions about Terry losing the captaincy, and…

4.  Every guy on the English squad will have to answer questions about Capello’s leadership, and…

5.  Every guy on the English squad will have to answer questions about dealing with a new captain, and…

6.  Every guy on the English squad will be asked if he supports John Terry or not.

Basically, Fabio Capello made an idiotic decision.  He made England’s 2010 run at the World Cup about a news story when it should be about Soccer.  No one on the planet will be talking about how England plays the game EVEN IF they win the whole thing.  When they do the montage of England winning the World Cup it will start with some dreary/dark music and recount this whole John Terry thing because it changed the course of the team.

I hope the players from England don’t enjoy Soccer too much, because they don’t play on a Soccer club anymore…they play on a drama club.

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