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Elano Joins Santos

Manchester City’s former Brazilian international Elano has signed for his former club Santos. The 29 year old who was part of the Selecao’s failed World Cup campaign is set to return to his homeland after an unsuccessful stint with Turkish club Galatasary.

Santos will pay Galatasary 2.9 million Euros to acquire the play maker’s services and receive a further 50 per cent of the total sale should Elano leave Santos before December 31st 2012.

Elano was and remains one of the few Brazilians who have failed to impress me. The others include Lucas of Liverpool, Felipe Melo, Ramires and Manchester United twin brothers Rafael and Fabio.

No disrespect to these players, but they just do not fit the traditional Brazilian mould. Apart from Ramires who is naturally attack minded, the rest play a rather dull style of football characterized by former coach Dunga.

Truth be said, when Brazilians join the EPL, they lose their natural flair and this is the main reason why a good number of the country’s biggest stars have never played in the Premier League. Many opt for Spain or Italy. Makes you wonder what would have happened to Dinho had he joined United.

“Galatasaray have agreed to transfer to FC Santos Elano Blumer, as agreed upon at a price of €2.9 million,”

“The club has been grateful for Elano’s services to Galatasaray and we wish him continued success in his footballing career.”

This statement appeared on Galatasaray’s official website. Elano who had earlier expressed his desire to return to Brazil said that Santos would be his most preferred destination having played close to 150 games for the club.

“I have a great desire to return home. It is logical that Santos is the club in which I feel most comfortable.”

Photo credit: from Santos Futebol Clube