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Easy Sneijder!

Inter Milan’s Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder might be setting himself up for a mighty fall. Sneijder denied calling Dunga and Maradona-two of the biggest high profile coaches at this year’s tournament- idiots and simply said that he was misunderstood.

Sneijder is currently enjoying superb form this year and this might be the reason for his overconfidence. However, there is no denying that the Dutchman is a very talented player.

Scoring crucial goals that made it possible for the Netherlands to make it through to this stage of the event, Sneijder is one fo th players shortlisted for the coveted player of the year award.

In an interview with Dutch magazine Helden, Sneijder made comments that were totally misunderstood that is according to him.

“After a difficult first-half against Brazil we managed to stay calm. I’d rather have someone like Van Marwijk as coach rather than two idiots like Maradona and Dunga.”

It does not get more blunt than this. However, in a bid to erase the damage his comments might have caused Sneijder was quick to say:

“There was a big mistake in the transcription and in the various translations of my words. In the interview I never reported directly to Maradona and Dunga, for whom I have great respect for because of what they have done for both their work as technicians.

“In the interview, I just talked about the differences that exist between coaches, each of us cannot be equal to one another. I regret a lot of misunderstandings that have been given to my words.”

Whether Sneijder meant what he said is another story altogether. Tonight, the Netherlands face a rejuvenated Uruguayan side oozing with belief after their historic wi over Ghana in the semi-final.

Holland are definitetly the favourites however, you can not rule out the Uruguayans. That said, i still see them going through to the finals.

Photo credit: from WorldCupSouthAfrica