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Dunga Snubs Ronaldinho

Things are not looking to good for Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho as national team coach Dunga has snubbed the star for Brazil’s final friendly against Republic of Ireland on March 2nd.

Dunga has insisted that despite Dinho’s superb form for Milan, he does not consider him  “as part of his plans”. I am really starting to think that Dunga has something personal against Ronaldinho. To prove my point, Dunga has apparently called up Juventus player Felipe Melo. Now if you know your Italian football well, then you should know that Melo was voted the worst player in Serie A for the year 2009.

If that does not fully convince you then you are definitely not a Dinho fan. What Dunga expects from Ronaldinho is beyond all his fans. It might be true that presently Dinho is a pale shadow of himself  but what is encouraging is the fact that he is making all amends to try and up his game.

When Dunga was named Brazil coach, the entertainment aspect of their game went out the door. In came young fresh players ready to fight for a place with some of the more seasoned stars. Out went Adriano, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo.

I am not against what Dunga is trying to do but what i know is that his techniques are starting to lose him fans. Look at a Pato for example. This young rising star is barely getting playing time in Dunga’s squad and the more he sits on the bench, the more he becomes ineffective. That said, Dunga should re-strategise his plans if he expects Brazil to produce the kind of football we know they are all capable of.

Photo credit: Blueskyman123