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Dunga Names Provisional 30 Man Squad Today

Football fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of Brazil’s provisional world cup squad today. The anxiety surrounding Dunga’s announcement is palpable everywhere as the whole world waits to see if he includes Ronaldinho in his squad.

Ronaldinho has been in outstanding form for his club Milan all through out the season and many  including myself expect Dunga to reward him by offering him a position in the Selecao squad however unlikely it may seem.

Remember how Milan lost more than 16,000 regular fans when Kaka moved to Real Madrid? Well, Dunga and the Brazil contingent should not be surprised if sorry when they get the worst possible reception in SA.

If what i am reading is anything to go by then Dunga will live to regret his decision of not including Dinho in his squad. In fact, it might be what he is remembered for. I can already see the headlines ‘The coach who let personal feelings come between his country and history’Apparently, people are not only angry with Dunga but die hard Brazil fans have vowed not to support the Selecao at the World Cup.

What makes this debacle even more annoying is the fact that Dunga has no legitimate reason of excluding Ronaldinho. I mean have you tried to ask yourself what Dunga has against Dinho? Rumour has it that Ronaldinho mixed Dunga so bad, that he is still yet to get over it.

Ronaldinho on the other hand can have the peace of knowing that he has performed his best this season and if he does not make it to South Africa, then he at least has his 2002 winners medal to comfort him. The play maker had this to say:

“I have been giving my message in the games I have been playing. All I can do is show my best in these games and then see what happens.”

“I have accomplished many of my dreams as a player but I still have much more to give. I’m enjoying my football at the moment but I know nothing is guaranteed.”

“Dunga told me that he would not call me up if he did not have a place in the first team. He told me to focus on my club form and that is exactly what I have been doing. Now I feel ready to give my best for Brazil again.”

Today the world will know if Dunga is a man of his word.

Photo credit: from blueskyman123