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Dunga – Manager or Captain?

Dunga has quit as Brazil’s manager. After a reign of four years the Brazilian public finally have what they want. Dunga has, according to the majority of Brazilian fans, stopped the national team playing in the way the country wants them to. The fans wanted to see Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo attacking in tandem, not Kaka, Robinho and Luis Fabiano defending from the front. Despite the failure at this World Cup Dunga’s reign has not been a complete disaster.

He has won the Confederations Cup and the Copa America. In the Copa America Brazil defeated Argentina 5-2 in the semi final and Uruguay 6-2 in the final. In the Confederations Cup final Brazil came back from two goals down to defeat the USA 3-2. These wonderful victories were never enough to placate the fans though. Brazilian fans want their team to control matches, not to defend deep and then counter attack. Dunga often retorted that if he had the appropriate players he would play a system which allows Brazil to control games. Brazilian fans never bought the excuse. They wanted two strikers playing, ala Bebeto and Romario, and wanted the attackers to not have any major defensive responsibilities. Dunga insisted that this was the modern way, attackers had to defend. The Brazilian fans never bought this either. Had Brazil won the tournament much, if not all, would have been forgiven and forgotten. Now that Brazil are out, every critic appears vindicated and every criticism seems justified.

Dunga has kept to his word and left the post as soon as Brazil ended their involvement in the World Cup 2010. As time passes history might look a little more favourably at Dunga. Not all Brazilian coaches manage to win the Copa America after all. Only time will tell if Dunga is remembered more for his role as captain of the Brazil 1994 World Cup winning team or as the manager of the disappointing Brazil 2010 World Cup team.