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Dunga Let Off The Hook

World football governing body FIFA has said it will not investigate Brazil’s national team coach Carlos Dunga after reports  emerged that he abused a journalist during his post-match press conference following the Selecao’s 3-1 win over the Ivory Coast on Sunday.

Dunga is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons and his actions might prove to be something he regrets if Brazil fails to win the title. Apparently, a number of reporters heard Dunga hurl insults repeatedly during the conference.

FIFA spokesman Pekke Odriozola however said that its disciplinary committee will not be pursuing the matter further because they lack sufficient evidence.

Is this a case of selective justice? Argentina coach Diego Armando Maradona found himself in a similar position last November and he experienced the full wrath of FIFA as he was suspended from taking part in any football duties for two months. So great were the repercussions that Maradona did not attend the FIFA Group Stages draw in Cape Town in December.

It seems like Dunga’s love hate media relationship is not about to end any time soon. Even after producing amazing results with Brazil, (Copa America and Confederations Cup titles) Dunga has failed to win over the hearts of the media.

Yeah, i know you have heard this like 100 times but it is still worth saying. Ever since Dunga took over as Brazil coach, Brazil has never really excited and entertained fans the way they have always done. In fact this and the exclusion of Ronaldinho (yep i had to find a way of putting that there) are the main reasons why he is a very disliked person even in his own home country of Brazil.

Its only fair that FIFA shows consistency when dealing with such matters or they will start to lose their credibility. That said, Brazil are still favourites to win the title.

Photo credit: from blueskyman123