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Dunga Advises Neymar

After leading Brazil to what was probably their worst ever tournament on the World stage, former Brazil coach Dunga has for the first time added his voice to the Neymar debate urging the teen to snub Chelsea for Juventus.

Now, correct me if i am wrong. Wasn’t Dunga the same person who refused to include Neymar in his 23 man squad for the World Cup finals? In his own wisdom Dunga opted to leave out some of the best talent that if included we could be talking about a totally different outcome for the Selecao.

The motive behind this is not known however, many believe it is his feeble attempt at trying to make up for obvious mistake.

‘We must have patience with young people,”

“But Juventus is a club that knows how important talent management is. Neymar is very young but he has already started to make his mark with the national team.”

To be honest i do agree in part with Dunga. Neymar should not join Chelsea or even Juventus for that matter. Still very young, Neymar should stay with Santos at least until he is a bit older. Many including Pele also think the same. There is nothing worse than for him to move to Europe and then his form starts to drop.

This debate is still far from over, however, by the look of thing, i will not be surprised if Neymar moved to Europe in the Winter transfer window. His final destination is what will prove just how successful he will become.

Photo credit: from blueskyman123