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Drogba Says No Thank You to Serie A

Didier Drogba is one of the best strikers in all of the world.  The Ivory Coast national star is the goal scoring leader of the Premier League’s Chelsea and the often injured forward has put his Blues squad in first place and on pace to win multiple Cups this season. 

And when you are as good as Didier is you are wanted by teams all over the world.  Even the greatest players in the world can name a price and I am sure Milan and Inter would be happy to match it.  But after much speculation that he was transfer-worthy now Didier is saying he doesn’t want to leave England.  

Here is what the great goal scorer had to say regarding his current situation:

I’m sorry but I’m staying here.  I have just renewed my contract for another three seasons. It’s true that, in the past, there was contact with two big Spanish clubs and two big Italian – sorry, Milanese – clubs.  But now the rumours aren’t true any more and they are without any foundation. Who knows? Maybe in 10 years, but I will be too old to play and maybe I could go as a coach.

And I guess it should be no surprise that Drogba is happy with his current deal.  He has a strong team, a well respected coach, and plays in a competitive league.  All things I imagine a respected athlete considers before moving abroad.  But Drogba didn’t rule out entering into Italian football one day, but likely not as a player. 

Lets hope by the time that ten years arrives Drogba has realized that most coaches that wear jackets on the sideline also wear a shirt underneath.