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Drama In Milan

When it comes to football in Milan, then you can get spoiled for choice. Arguably two of the best teams on the continent reside in this fashion capital. AC Milan who are 7 times European champions and their arch rivals Inter Milan who have been at some point in history home to some of the world’s greatest players are considered to be part of the Italian ‘big four’. The other two clubs being Juventus and AS Roma.

Lately however, there have been reports in the press that i am sure would not please anyone who supports these teams. I was thoroughly shocked just as i know you will be when i read that Mario Balotelli confessed to being a Milan fan. I know understand why Jose Mourinho has resorted to benching the young striker.

In the big leagues, you cannot afford to have a player with divided loyalty. That is disaster waiting to happen. Balotelli did not make matters between him and Mourinho easier when uttered those comments. Lately the relationship between these two has been cold. When asked why he left the young player on the bench for the Fiorentina match Mourinho simply said that he did not need to explain his actions.

In a bid to justify his response, he claimed to have other players, world cup winners Patrick Vieira and Marco Materrazzi on the bench so who was Balotelli to complain which i think was a very sound argument.. Recently, Milan star forward Alexander Pato has also had to come out and defend his loyalty claiming that he is no Inter fan.

You know if Pato were to move to Inter for whatever reason, I think that a return of the culture of fan violence that was a part of Italian soccer would definitely be a reality. It would not go down well with Milan faithful.  The two teams who are currently at top of the Serie A are indeed getting on the news for all the wrong reasons.