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Down To The Wire–Barca and Real Madrid

Lionel MessiBarca gets Valladolid, Madrid get Malaga.  They kickoff at the same time on Sunday and they both have the same thing in mind–the Spanish Primera Division Championship.  Who wins?

Well, if both teams win them Barca takes home the title.  If Barca draws and Madrid wins then Madrid takes home the title.  It’s win or die for Barca and they hold their destiny in their own hands.

This will show us alot–not just about Barca or Madrid–but about Argentina and Portugal.  Leo Messi pulls out a win with Barca and they win La Liga–then we can fully expect him to take that momentum into the World Cup.

Let’s say Cristiano Ronaldo does something miraculous–maybe Barca loses and somehow Real Madrid wins La Liga–perhaps we can expect the Portuguese to do something special at the World Cup?

I don’t trust Ronaldo as a leader, but he can turn it around at any time.

If either one of them loses and there’s the shame that comes with that–on the last day of the season–then perhaps they will be even MORE motivated to perform well in South Africa?

I suppose we could also posit that they would just fade in the summer–because that makes the season EVEN LONGER and they just fizzle out in group play.

I know we’re talking about Argentina–marginal except for Messi just because of the troubles they’ve had recently–and Portugal–marginal except for Ronaldo and pretty lucky to be in the World Cup.  However, either one of these teams could bottle up what happens at the end of the La Liga season and really do something with in South Africa.

I think we’d all especially like to see this coming from Messi and Argentina–a return to greatness with Diego Maradona on the sidelines.

The current greastest bringing the former greatest back to glory?

Anything is possible!

Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship