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Don't Blame It On Ronaldo

Real Madrid manager Manuel Pellegrini is not pleased with his club’s showing last weekend against Luis Fabiano’s Sevilla.  Pellegrini is not happy for a lot of reasons.  First off, Real Madrid had yet to lose a match until last weekend all season which means that los galiticos are no longer chasing after perfection.

Secondly, the club did in fact lose a match meaning that they are no longer tied for first place with the treble winners last season, Barcelona.  Any loss that isn’t to Barcelona only makes it that much more likely that Real Madrid will finish the season outside of first place.  Unfortunately in La Liga, any loss could mean that you are out of the race.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

The most important reason why Pellegrini isn’t happy has nothing to do with Christiano Ronaldo either.  Ronaldo did not travel with the team this last weekend and the player is resting up for his critical Wolrd Cup Qualifiers with Portugal.  Portugal remains a bubble team.

Here is what the Real Madrid manager had to say regarding the absence of Ronaldo in the loss:

He is an important player.  But you build a team for when there are absentees. Two errors cost us the game and at the end we had the chance to equalise. Sevilla are going through a great time and they are the rightful winners.

Pellegrini’s real area of anger is towards the defense: a group which the manager faults for two easy goals on headers against shorter players.  Pellegrini wants to see more out of this unit.

But not having Ronaldo certainly doesn’t make it any easier to win.