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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

As Spring gives way to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere an equally fascinating change occurs in most European football clubs. Tis the season that players switch clubs for different reasons one of course being money. However, before a deal can be reached, football fans, enthusiasts and even the players themselves can be sure of being subjected to the never ending rumours and reports that link them to doexens of club’s.

That is why i have made it a rule not to get too excited whenever i read reports that mention some of the most unreasonable transfers you could ever think of. Frankly, i think most of these reports doing the rounds are just personal opinions, dreams and interests that some someone would wish to happen.

If you follow Italian football closely (like i know you do), you would at least agree with me on this point. So much has been written concerning probable transfers that most of you feel already drained and the season has not yet even begun! I know this because i feel the same way.

The biggest Serie A transfer news is undoubtedly that of Ronaldinho. The Brazilian play maker has been and continues to be the talk of Italian football with just a couple of weks left before the start of the 2010/2011 campaign.

The latest news is that Dinho has been offered a new deal by Milan although he is yet to meet with the club officially to discuss it. Some other very interesting Milan news is that they are close to signing Japan midfielder Keisuke Honda.

However, Honda’s agent has refuted the claims stating that he is unaware of any interest from the Italian giants and this just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads and loads of other transfer rumours that do not have any hope of  materialising. So my simple advise to you, is don’t be too quick to believe all that read unless it is from a source that can be trusted i.e. the player or agent. But then again these people change their minds faster than a chameleon changes its colour.

Photo credit: from enot_female