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Does Rooney Have An Anger Management Problem?

Wayne Rooney is often considered one of England’s brightest talents, however, there is one thing that stands in his way of following in the footsteps of fellow legends Allan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne –  his temper.

After last month’s horror lash out on Miodrag Dzudovic during the 2-2 draw with Montenegro in a Euro 2012 qualifier, it became apparent that Rooney has a problem handling his anger.

Of course his action on the night saw him banned for England’s3 opening  group fixtures. However, after receiving a statement from UEFA earlier this week, The FA are considering appealing to the governing body on behalf of the striker for a reduced ban.

Speaking on the matter, Rooney acknowledged, that he did deserve to be punished, however, the punishment was a bit too stiff.

“I am disappointed with it,” Rooney said. “I’ve got no excuse but I still feel the punishment is a bit harsh. All the details we have been waiting for came through so we will be making a decision as to whether we will be appealing.

“It was stupid. I regretted it as soon as I did it. I honestly don’t know why I did it. It was one of those moments which I live to regret now. There was no tackle on me beforehand, so it wasn’t retaliation.

Rooney claims that he did not intend to lash out on Dzudovic and that it just happened and that as such, he should at least be heard. Honestly, i think that UEFA should stick its ground and see that Rooney serves his complete ban as a show to other players that indiscipline in the game is not accepted.

As part of his punishment, Rooney will not be selected to play in England’s upcoming friendly against Spain On the 12th of this month. For now, Rooney can only hope that his punishment is cut down and that he will be able to play for the Three Lions next summer.

Photo Credit © Catatan Bola Photo Gallery