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Doc Brown’s 2009 US National Team Spoilers

Great Scott, Marty! It’s me again, Emmet “Doc” Brown. Don’t know why I’m being so formal, Marty, I just am! I have just returned from the future, Marty, the end of 2009 to be exact and I need to share my knowledge about the 2009 US MNT and their build up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa!

No Marty, still no word on whether they will ever do “Family Ties: The Movie”. Geez, your obsession with that Alex makes me question your sexuality, Marty. In a good way!

Anyways Marty, the US will tie Mexico in February in a brutal 1-1 game. It will be a messy affair, Marty, with many cards issued to both teams. The US will also draw with T&T after beating El Salvador, leading to great panic. But wins against Costa Rica and Honduras will restore Sam’s Army’s faith.

The Nats will lose to Mexico in August (you don’t  need to go to the future to know that, Marty), but then they will win their last four and qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Tim Howard will be crucial to their play, Marty, so make sure his future friendship with Biff never comes to fruition.

It would be miserable for his morale, Marty. Just plain miserable. Have you ever met Biff? What an asshole.

Great Scott, it’s those damn Libyans again Marty! I am so sick of this shit. Einstein and I need to leave now Marty. We need to go back into the future to convince Robert Zemeckis to make Back to the Future 4: The Rise of Doc Brown. Christopher Lloyd needs the money, Marty. You can’t heat your house with a flux capacitor!