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Doc Brown’s 2009 MLS Spoilers

Great Scott! Marty, it’s me again, Doc Brown, and I’ve just returned from the future… the 2009 MLS Cup Final to be exact, and I’d like to share with you my insights on what will occur during the 2009 MLS season. No Marty, it’s still not illegal to call another man a “chicken” in ’09, just pay attention.

So much changes in 2009 in MLS, Marty. Dwayne De Rosario, that be-dreaded Canuck, plays for Canada’s Reds and he really quite improves their attack. Can you believe they finish third in the East and make the playoffs for the first time and De Rosario is named league MVP? It’s true!

Canada also attacks us, Marty. Arm yourself to the teeth.

Great Scott Marty! Did you also know a new team plays in the Pacific Northwest in 2009? They are very poor, Marty. Quite poor in fact. They finish last in the league. BTW, if you happen to be on their co-owner’s TV show on May 4, 2009, say “$31,457” during the Showcase Showdown.

Trust me Marty, it’s a sound tip.

And most amazing of all Marty, can you believe Columbus will again win the MLS Cup due to the determination and leadership of Mr. Schelotto and the emerging talent that is Mr. Rogers (Robbie, Marty, not Fred)? I know it’s tough to repeat, especially with a new coach, but they get it done Marty!  

Great Scott, Marty! It’s those damn Libyans yet again! Grab Einstein and get in the DeLorean! Let’s go back to the past Marty! We have to stop Christopher Lloyd from making Camp Nowhere. It will kill his career!!!