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Disappointed Barcelona Held by Milan

Barcelona failed to maintain their goal scoring run in the Champions League as they were held into a goalless draw by home team Ac Milan at San Siro in a pretty exciting match which saw some wonderful defensive display.

The Blaurgrana may complain that they had a penalty shout at one stage of the game, but overall they don’t really deserved to score a goal as the Rossoneri were playing really solid at the back.

Playing away at home, Pep Guardiola’s team looker extremely cautious, especially in the early minutes as they almost gave away a goal after some poor passing in their own back line. Luckily for the Catalan army, Milan players failed to score, allowing the European champion to simply gather up their force and start playing their own classic passing games, which eventually opened up some goal scoring chances as well.

Despite controlling the possession just as they always do, Barcelona were having problems in breaking down the Italian champion and also got some trouble in keeping their counter attacks at times. The Catalan best chance actually arrive when there’s a penalty shout for Alexis Sanchez, which was waved away even by the extra referee, who thought that the Chilean was simply looking for a foul instead being hacked intentionally.

The second half was much more difficult for the Catalan side as they’re finding that Milan pressure in the midfield were stronger, fortunately, the home team’s attacking play wasn’t working that well on the night. Guardiola forced to make some changes on his tactical play but nothing was working right as well for the visitor as they finally stop their goal scoring record in the Champions League, although they did came out without conceding either.