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Diego Milito Likely To Miss Qualifier

It has been a very long and bumpy road to the World Cup for Argentina this time around.  The club looks to turn around their recent poor play with matches Saturday and Wednesday to attempt to make the Cup.  Argentina has lost four out of five matches recently and if the club continues their poor run then they might have to play in a playoff in order to have any chance of making the tournament.  

They say it is times like these that a team either bands together for the good fight or completely falls apart due to the enormous pressure and great expectations.  Argentina coach and former football legend Diego Mardonna has already gone religious with his hopes.  The manager has put his faith in the national squad into the hands of God.  But unfortunately for Maradonna, despite his many countless hours praying it appears that the club has already been dealt a bad break well before their first of the two matches.

Argentina striker and Inter star Diego Milito will miss both matches following an injury he received last weekend in a match against Udinese.  The Inter forward experienced a very painful thigh strain and doctors are estimating that the forward will miss up to a month of matches.

Here is what the Inter report said:  

The Argentina striker has suffered a first degree strain in his right thigh. The club’s medical staff has sent the necessary documents to the Argentina Federation in view of the next World Cup qualifiers.

The injury will be a huge setback for Inter and Argentina.  Milito has scored five goals this season in Serie A and he is considered a full time starter for Argentina.