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Diego Forlan looking to stay with Atletico Madrid

Diego Forlan was expected to make a move away from after a enjoying a strong for Uruguay and even winning the Golden Ball award. However, with no offers coming in for the 31-year old striker, it seems like Forlan will have no interest in leaving Madrid and decided to stay with the Spanish club for the remainder of the 3 years on his contract.

Although some of the best clubs have been said to be interested in Forlan as , and even were expected to be putting in offers for Forlan sometime during the summer, it seems as if this will not be the case.

In a recent statement made by Forlan, he went on to say the following on a conference earlier today :

“There were no concrete offers from any other team. I don’t know anything about possible interest from other teams. This is just another summer with more and more rumors but no concrete offers. I just know what I’ve read in newspapers but nothing came to me, neither from inside or outside the club. Since there are no offers, I wouldn’t think about my future outside Atletico. I feel comfortable here, I’ve got three more years of contract with Atletico and I’m happy here. I want to stay at Atletico de Madrid.”

I have to say that I’m rather surprised that no offers had come in for Forlan, although he may be 31-years old, he had a tremendous World Cup and showed that he can definitely do damage for at least 2 or 3 more years. However, being that no serious offer came in, Forlan maybe has realized that he is better off staying with the Spanish where he is loved and respected as a footballer.

Think Forlan is better off staying at Atletico Madrid ? Surprised no serious offers came in for the striker ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.