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Didn't We Just Talk About This? Villa Signs With Barca

Ladies and Gentlemen–your odds-on favorite to win the Spanish Primera Division and the Champion’s League next year–Barcelona!

I just wrote about their desire to sign David Villa and now he has been signed.  I know that Barca was moving fast–but I didn’t know they moved that fast!

Villa signed a 4-year contract for 34.2 million Euros.  That’s not bad for someone who is going to a team that has a superstar on it already.  Now, does this mean that Barca is trying to create a 2-or-3-headed-monster with people who can run alongside Leo Messi?  I think so.

They also want Cesc Fabregas, but his fate is in the hands of Arsenal because of his contract.  Plus, Barca indicated how badly they wanted him by saying:

”It’s great news that he wants to come here and I think that one day Cesc will have to come to Barca. But what matters is Arsenal and what their decision is.:

”They think he is a very important player for them. We have to respect that. At times the wishes of players do not come true because they are under contract. That he says that he wants to come to Barca is a synonym that things are being done well here.”

”I don’t know when but I have the impression that he is a Barca (style) player and that he will enjoy it very much. I wish it was as soon as possible. But we have to respect Arsenal’s wishes and the contract he has.”

Basically, they want the “Three Amigos” like the Boston Celtics have.  If one guy has a bad game then another one will step up.  I know that going undefeated is unrealistic but it seems like Barca is moving in that direction.  If they always have a “safety valve” then they won’t ever have to be “in trouble” until the final whistle sounds.

Not a bad deal, eh?