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Did Kaka Make The Right Move?

This is one topic that just won’t seem to go away. We are midway  through the the first half of the season and Real’s fantastic start is slowly fading away. Milan, Kaka’s former club are the main culprits. They are responsible for taking the sting out of Real.

Real’s 3-2 home loss to Ac Milan in the Champions League brought the ‘merengues’ back to earth and Kaka is yet to re-produce the form we all know him for. I am beginning to think that may be relocating to Madrid was not the best option for him.

On Tuesday night, Real were beaten 4-0 in the Kings cup by Alcoron ( a team i have never heard of) and to make matters worse, this club has an annual budget of 1.1 million Euros compared to Real’s staggering 420 million.

That just goes to show that money cannot buy you success overnight. Manuel Pellegrini definitely did not expect that kind of a result and neither did their fans. Even though Kaka and Cristiano did not feature in this game, it nevertheless is a loss that they will quickly want to forget.

This is Pellegrini’s 3rd defeat in 5 matches and he urgently needs to come up with a plan to quiet the growing murmurs. Coming back to Kaka, Milan would be very happy to re-acquire his services if he ever chose to come back to Italy.

If i am correct, Kaka never wanted to leave Milan. Remember Man City’s incredible bid for him in the January transfer window? $150 million is what they were ready to pay Milan for Kaka and yet he stuck to his guns saying Milan was the club for him.

Milan might have been experiencing some difficult times financially but selling Kaka should not have been one of the solutions. I know that there are some of you who would disagree with me and say that its still pretty early to to rate Kaka’s performance. That may be true however, this is the time for him to do even more than what is expected.

So did Kaka make the right choice to join Real? I will leave that to you to decide. However, you can be sure that the form Kaka is displaying now is not anywhere near his best.