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Di Natale’s Delight

In the summer and also winter transfer market, current Serie A top scorer, Antonio Di Natale, received an interesting offer from Juventus but rejected it and opted to stay at Udinese instead.

Despite many said that the striker missed out on a golden opportunity, destiny seems to side with Di Natale as at the moment it’s Udinese that are flying high in Serie A. This condition delighted the Italian international striker and his even ready to commit his future only for Francesco Guidolin’s team.

I chose the right black and white stripes, Will I remain at Udinese? I really think I will,” said Di Natale.

Moreover, the striker also explained that the main reason he decided to stay at his current club is because the family environment that his feeling at Udinese. Considering his age that has already reached the 33 number, Di Natale claims that he doesn’t really have high ambition in playing in big name clubs anymore as performing for the Udine based club is more than enough for the striker at the moment.

I stayed in Udine because of the people at this club, “I am 33 years old, no longer 20, so I have different priorities. I was happy to stay at a professional club where it feels like you’re in a family atmosphere,” Di Natale added.

Now, just like the striker said in his earlier statement, his decision turns out to be a great one as Udinese have become one of the most exciting club in Serie A this season and currently have a bigger chance to qualify for the Champions League instead of Juventus. Sitting at the fifth position in the league, the Udine based club are only a point behind the current fourth place seat, Lazio, and with five games left in the competition they still have a big chance in securing that last spot for the most interesting European Club Football competition.