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Denmark's World Cup Preview: The Team

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jacob Bøtter


Denmark has only made it to three previous World Cups in their history, but the nation has had some fairly recent success in the world of football with a Cup berth in 1986, 1998, and 2002.  The country’s greatest accomplishment though was winning European Championship in 1992.  However their most recent qualification into the World Cup came as a bit of a surprise considering that the team didn’t qualify for the Cup in 2006 or for Euro 2008.  This will be the nations fourth Cup berth and all three previous Cup experiences Denmark has made it past the first round.  


Denmark’s World Cup campaign was arguably the toughest of any squad in all of the European division.  The team topped Portugal, Sweden, and Hungary for the top seed of the group and forced Sweden and Hungary out of the tournament all together.  Few had thought that Zlatan Ibrahimovic would watch the Cup from home and that Cristiano Ronaldo would have to battle for a Cup berth, but Denmark’s 6-3-1 record earned them first place with 21 points earned out of 30.  The club features many major club players including young Nicolas Bendtner of Arsenal at striker.  


Denmark is another one of those squads that is predicted to just miss the second round by most critics and their current line in Vegas is around 125 to 1 on most sites.  Currently in their group they are given the third best line behind the Netherlands and Cameroon.  Cameroon does have some key advantages including Samuel Eto’o and the fact that they are located near the hosting nation of the tournament, but Denmark does have a solid team that did beat plenty of good European teams to deserve the honor of a World Cup berth.  Cameroon is very good and I think Denmark will be tested by them, but I like the squad making it to the second round and keeping that active streak alive.