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Denmark's World Cup Preview: Roster Grades

Creative Commons License photo credit: Stig Nygaard


The Keeper

Stoke City’s Thomas Sorensen is the likely starter of the club this summer with over 80 caps in his Denmark international career and Stephen Andersen is the likely back up of the squad.  Not a tremendous unit, but they should put up solid results for the club and they did contain many great WCQ clubs as well.

Grade: C +

The Defense

Liverpool’s Daniel Agger and Fiorentina’s Per Kreldrup anchor the back line of the defense and many of the other likely starters have limited national team experience other then this recent WCQ.  Simon Kjaer of Palermo and William Kvist of Copenhagen aren’t too bad either and will likely see some regular minutes.

Grade: B –

The Midfield

Daniel Jensen of Werder Bremen), Christian Poulsen  of Juventus and winger Dennis Rommedahl  of Ajax are three featured players in the attack strategy of the midfield.  Wolfsburg’s Thomas Kahlenberg has the third most caps of the unit and should see some valuable minutes as well.

Grade: B –

The Forwards

Arsenal’s young forward Nicklas Bendtner has shown nice improvement over the last few years and even got some great experience as a featured starting forward for the Gunners this season with Van Persie out with an injury.  Captain Jon Dahl Tomasson is the secondary striker of the club and will look to feed Bendtner the ball up top.   Soren Larsen is a decent backup as well and should at least make the reserve list for this summer.

Grade: B


Denmark has failed to impress much in the last four years, but they did show some encouraging signs with their form in the WCQ.  They deserve their spot in the tournament and they beat many of the best squads that didn’t make the event in order to be here.  They have many featured players on good teams in the world and they are on a roll right now as well.  Bendtner offers the club some hope as a forward and the defense is highly underrated on paper.

Grade: B –