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Del Piero Reveals Interest on England and French Football

Alex Del Piero, el capitán de todo el Calcio italianoAlessandro Del Piero’s future with Juventus is set to end after this season as he is being confirmed to leave Turin next summer just when his contract ends and the management decided not to extend it.

This condition causes many confusions as where would Del Piero decided to in the future, but the striker seemingly hinted at a potential destination after revealing his interest on football in England and France.

Del Piero confessed that he always have a soft spot for the premier league, especially about the football approach from most of the teams and also the atmosphere inside the stadium, which is normally very secure. Regarding a premier league team that he admires, the Juventus’ skipper revealed that Manchester United are the team that the striker respected a lot, mainly because of the frequent meetings that occurred between Juve and the Red Devils in recent years.

“I learned to appreciate English clubs right from my international debut, above all Manchester United. I love the Premier League experience, as the English approach the sport with passion and fair play. I also like the atmosphere, the spirit, the stadiums like Old Trafford and the attitude of the supporters. What is nicer than seeing fans of both teams together in the stadium without problems?,” Del Piero said.

Meanwhile, regarding his interest in France football, Del Piero revealed that his close connection with the country mostly related with the amount of French teammates who the 34-years-old have during his time with Juventus. The ex-Italian international noted the likes of Didier Deschamps and Zinedine Zidane were those among the closest Frenchman that Del Piero ever connected with during the Juve’s era.

“I also have special bonds with France, Les Bleus made me cry a few times, while in other occasions they gave me great joy. I’ve had many French teammates and a Coach, Didier Deschamps.” Del Piero added. “I still have an excellent rapport with all of them. For example, Zinedine Zidane came to a charity match I organised two years ago. He is still extraordinary!”


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas