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Del Piero Joins Serie A History

Juventus playmaker Alessandro Del Piero has scored a few goals during his long, illustrious career. That’s probably the world’s biggest understatement as this weekend saw the old war horse score his 179th career Serie A goal. Not only did Del Piero break a franchise record with the score, but the former Italian national team star did it in grand fashion for his squad.

Juventus was playing away against AC Milan and the top four hopefuls needed a win to put themselves in contention for the Scudetto this season. Del Piero’s score couldn’t have come at a better time considering his side was winning the close match 1-0 when he scored in the 65th minute. It wasn’t a game winner at the time he scored, but when former Juve man Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his first career goal against his former club in the 82nd minute, it meant that Juve still had a nice one goal lead heading into the final minutes.

The win has planted Juve right behind AC Milan in the league standings and the disappointing side from last season is only 2 points back on the league board. Out of 179 career goals, it was probably not the most skillful or memorable goal of the old Italian’s career, but this season it could turn out to be the club’s most important down the stretch. A win over AC Milan on the road is nice, but earning your way into the league’s history books is something that will be remembered a lot longer than any one road victory.