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Del Piero Committed To Juventus

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has offered Juventus striker and club legend Alessandro Del Piero a chance to finish his career at the San Siro. Although embarrassed by Milan’s defeat to the Bianconeri a week ago, Berlusconi did take note of Del Piero’s exceptional abilities calling him a ‘great player’.

Speaking to SkySport Italia, Berlusconi paid glowing tribute to Del Piero.

“We played well on Saturday evening. It’s a shame that we lost.

“But Juve are a great team and above all they have a great player.

“I went into the dressing room to congratulate everyone and above all Del Piero.

“I told him that I know his contract is up and I offered him [the chance] to come to Milan.

“He is an extraordinary champion. Hopefully he might finish his career at Milan.”

Del Piero on the other hand has insisted that he wants to remain with Juventus.

“Berlusconi complimented myself and Juventus, it was a nice gesture,”

“But, he never mentioned that [an offer] inside the dressing room.

“I am proud of playing for Juventus and I believe [I can stay].” Del Piero told Il Corriere dello Sport.

In his own words, Del Piero wants to play until he is 40.  Del Piero’s current contract expires in 2011. Meanwhile staying with the club, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes that partnering up with Inzaghi could result in Milan improving their chances of winning some silverware.

I could not agree more. Pipo has somewhat become the black horse for the Rossoneri. He sits out most games but when he does play, he manages to prove his worth.

Ibra has now called on Milan coach Allegri to see that the veteran striker does feature on a more regular basis. Ibra is so confident of Pipo that he wants to see him start ahead of Brazilian trio Ronaldinho, Robinho and Pato.

“Pippo is incredible,”

“He deserves to play more often because he is doing well, and when you play well, you should start. Plus, I feel more freedom when I play with him, whereas when I’m with the Brazilians, I’m forced to play inside the box.”

Milan need Pipo just as much as they need Dinho and until Allegri realises that the Seedorf , Gattusso and Pirlo combination does not work, Milan is doomed.

Photo credit: from salvatoregiambelluca