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Del Piero Attracted FC Sion

Alex Del Piero, el capitán de todo el Calcio italianoAlessandro Del Piero maybe soon to be forgotten by Juventus’ management especially after the players’ departure have been publicly announced by the club’s, Andrea Agnelli, few days ago, the Italian veteran still have plenty admirers, one of them are FC Sion.

Confirmation about the Swiss club’s strong interest towards Del Piero was stated by their president, Christian Constantin, who revealed that he will definitely try to sing the player should the Juve’s legend does leave next summer.

Constatin even revealed that he will immediately talk with the talismanic captain about a potential contract deal especially knowing that the former Italian international isn’t interested in playing for another Italian teams aside from Juventus. Although, in the latest interview the nearly 37-years-old talismanic captain said his affection of playing in the U.S or Asia, but if FC Sion managed to convince Del Piero than the chance is obviously wide open since they’re not an Italian team after all.

Del Piero is a player who I really like. I was already updated on his situation last year. Now, if Juventus no longer want him, I’m really interested. I’d love to bring him to Sion, I’ll speak to the player and a solution is possible. I’ll do everything possible to sign him. I prefer to not comment on the economical aspect of such a deal though, I’d prefer to just concentrate on the player,” Constantin revealed to TMW.

This statement is obviously an interesting one as if Constantin are serious with his words, we might eventually see Del Piero playing in a Swiss league next season before the former Italian international call it a day or play in another league such as MLS. Although the Juve legend has a strong interest in United States, which has been one of his holiday destination, but the fact that Switzerland is a pretty close with Italy might be considered as one of the player’s option in choosing his future destination.


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas