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Dear MLS, I Told You So…

So who watched the game Friday night between Los Angeles and Houston?  Or should I say who watched the semi-final match Saturday morning? 

If you did watch the match, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  You know that it was one of the worst planned and executed playoff matches in American sports history.  You know all about the blackouts and the loafing around by officials as they attempted to fix a problem that was out of their control.  You know that a 90 minute sporting event took well over three hours to finish.  Most of all you know that the league left its fans in the dark and didn’t flick back on the lights until 2:30 AM.

And the only people that were more robbed then the fans were the players that played in the match.  Imagine training all season long and playing in a game of this magnitude and then waiting around for over an hour as the stadium suffered two different electrical blackouts. Imagine waiting to take the pitch again as announcers joked about how someone forget to pay a power bill?

I understand that you need to expect the unexpected. I understand that these types of things happen. But on this big of a level they never should happen.  I can’t remember watching a game of this magnitude where something like this has ever happened.  Even at the Olympics last year, China illuminated computer generated Olympic rings to fall from the sky.  And those weren’t even real!

Was Friday the 13th to blame? 

No.  Stupidity was the key facilitator of these acts.  The game should have never begun at eleven at night in the first place.  If it is played during the daytime then floodlights do not make much of a difference.  But starting the match at eleven at night has its obvious consequences.  MLS dropped the bulb on this one.  And, in the process, they left the door open for all of us bloggers to scribble down are best light/dark metaphors just to brighten up your day.