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De Rossi’s Issue to Spark Another Dressing Room Problem for Roma?

Liga ItaliaAs Roma’s 4-1 defeat against Atalanta wasn’t the only problem that currently emerging in the camp as the absence of Daniele De Rossi in the game apparently caught the eye as many thought that losing him on Sunday pretty much depleted Roma’s strength.

An interesting confirmation arrived from the capital side, revealing that the vice captain was being frozen out by coach Luis Enrique on the weekend, because the midfielder was late for a meeting.

Apparently there’s already a new rule that must be obeyed by every players including De Rossi and Enrique obviously didn’t want to give a special attention for a single player despite his importance at the squad. However, there have been reports from Italy suggested that the midfielder wasn’t very keen with the Spanish coach’s decision and was reportedly in raged with it before some calming words arrived from director Franco Baldini, who explained to the press what was happening.

Daniele was late, the Coach has always said there are rules that nobody can transgress. What’s really disappointing is that it happened to a player who usually keeps others in check. Did the lad take it well? I challenge anyone to take that well. I can understand it might seem difficult to accept this decision, but we have often talked about this. The Coach always asked for absolute respect on these few rules,” Bandini revealed.

It would be interesting to see whether De Rossi’s disappointment will taken an effect in Roma’s upcoming matches especially since on the weekend they will be playing in the Derby against Lazio. Obviously Enrique and the Italian international should immediately sorted things out soon since the team’s inconsistency still is a big problem that needed to be solved and another dressing room affair won’t actually helped the Giallorossi’s course at all.

There have been several dressing room problem this season in Roma and it usually affected the team’s performances on the pitch, such as what happened in the early part of the season when Francesco Totti reportedly wasn’t pleased with Enrique and also the incident between Osvaldo and Lamela. That’s why Spanish coach should really take an immediate personal approach on the current issue with De Rossi as the capital side can’t really afford another problem.


photo credit: Catatan Bola Photo Gallery