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De Rossi to Extend With a Special Buy Out Clause?

Daniele De Rossi by Colosseo GiallorossoInteresting development regarding Daniele De Rossi’s future emerged in Italy suggesting that the midfielder would agree to extend his contract with As Roma but apparently it wont guarantee his stay since there’s a release clause being involved.

According to Sky Sports Italia, De Rossi looks set to sign a new five year deal worth 6 million Euro per season for the capital side but his asking for an additional 15 million Euro release clause to be activated a month before the season ends.

This condition obviously raises lots of questions as it would obviously gives plenty of room for De Rossi to move away since 15 million is not actually a steep numbers for the clubs interested in signing the Italian international. Rumors suggested that this clause would give Roma a chance to get some money along with appropriate time in finding replacement should the 28-years-old decided to flee from Olympico next summer.

Should this new deal along with the clause does exist it would be interesting to see whether De Rossi does planning to leave by providing an adequate compensation for Roma or it’s just some simple conditions that didn’t mean much. Obviously, providing a very low release clause would be testing the seriousness of those reportedly interested on the midfielder and should an adequate offer arrives, the Giallorossi have no other options than to let the negotiation happens.

De Rossi’s future has really been under siege since this summer as his contract will end in June 2012 but he seems reluctant to sign an extension until the current latest report about the new deal along with clause came up. Next few days will be very important in seeing the validity of the report and to see the reaction of Roma fans figuring out the extension which doesn’t really mean their keep will be keeping their supposedly future captain after all.


photo credit: acos93