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De Rossi Endangeres Roma’s Champions League Bid

Daniele De Rossi could jeopardize As Roma’s bid in finishing fourth in the league after the midfielder and vice captain received lengthy ban because of the sending off he received at Roma’s latest league match against Bari, last Sunday.

Along with Simone Perotta, De Rossi received a marching order on that game after elbowing a Bari player, considering that action, the Italian federation have now punished both Italian players and that decision would definitely rules them out for the remaining matches in Serie A.

Considering the importance, losing De Rossi might be much more crucial for the Giallorossi compared to Perotta since the first have always been a key player in the capital club’s midfield until now, while the latter has started to decline a lot recently. Although De Rossi hasn’t actually been in a top shape form, but his presence in the key area always provide such an assurance for his teammates, especially since the Italian international is the club’s vice captain after Francesco Totti.

Surely De Rossi’s absence would probably felt the most this Saturday when Roma face league leader, Ac Milan, who have a pretty solid line up in midfield and attack. Without the Italian international, there might be a gap of quality on the pitch, considering the fact that the Giallorossi, doesn’t really have another player with the same character as the 27-years-old midfielder that could cover the defense and offense very well.

Reports from Italy suggested that Roma may be making an appeal regarding the ban that hit both De Rossi and Perotta, however looking at the incident, the latter might be the one that could get be easily reduce, while the first looks like a long shot. Obviously should the decision doesn’t go with the Giallorossi’s plan, and they failed to reach their target this season, the 27-years-old could be the one that Romanisti blamed simply because of committing stupid foul that should really be avoided.