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De Rossi Asking For Patience, Backing Enrique At Roma

Daniele De Rossi by Colosseo GiallorossoRoma’s poor start in their season, crashing out from the Europa League and beaten by Cagliari on their first Serie A match gave some pressure for the club especially their new coach, Luis Enrique, who get lots of criticism mostly by the fans.

Acknowledging the problem that could occurred should the coach isn’t being trusted in such an early phase of the season, the Giallorossi’s senior midfielder, Daniele De Rossi, opted to stand by his new tactician by asking for patience from many people.

De Rossi revealed that he appreciated Enrique’s characteristic, although admitting that the coach would definitely need more time to create the Roma that many people are anxious to see, which is a possession oriented attacking team. Considering that there are many changes in the summer, the Italian international stated it would be difficult to expect the capital club achieving immediate success this season especially since many of the club’s new signings are youngsters, who haven’t had experience in playing in Serie A.

“Luis Enrique has always behaved himself correctly with us. He tells you things to your face, I appreciate him for that. He’s an honest person and an innovative Coach, a young one who likes possession and offensive football, It will be hard for Roma to win as soon as this season, but there has to be support for the project that is planned here for the years to come,” De Rossi said.

Moreover, the midfielder also took his club’s exit from the Europa League in a positive manner, revealing that crashing out from the second rate European club competition could actually gives more benefit for Roma as they will have more time to prepare for ever league matches. De Rossi added that playing in Europa League normally requires long trips in midweek, which obviously tiring up the players ahead of every weekend Serie A games and considering the Giallorossi are a pretty brand new team, they might need all the preparation they can have in facing their opponents in the league.

“Our exit from the Europa League will mean that we’ll avoid some long midweek trips and this could actually be an advantage to us,” De Rossi added. “Now we need to roll up our sleeves for the championship as that is our main objective.”

Despite his support towards his new coach and club, De Rossi himself hasn’t really confirmed his future at Roma as the midfielder is still negotiating contract extension with the Giallorossi’s management as his deal will end in 2012. Should no deal can be reached until the end of season, there’s a big possibilities that the Italian international could be leaving the club next season or even in January since there are many big clubs that are showing interest in prizing up the 28-years-old from Rome.


photo credit: acos93