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De la Red forced to call it quits

Ruben de la Red has been forced to hang his professional football cleats as the (Still young) 25-year old cannot overcome his health issues.

Back in October of 2008, De la Red collapsed on the field during a match against Real Union. After taking for several tests, it was concluded that the Spanish midfielder had heart problems that, in some cases, people are able to over-come. However, De la Red was not one of them.

After sitting out the complete season last year, De la Red was told not to return to the pitch and call it quits. Although he may not be able to play for Madrid anymore, the club has gone on to let him stay with the club as a youth coach, he went on to say the following:

“Today is a day that represents the change of life of Ruben de la Red. I have ended my playing career and now doors have opened for another life. The club has offered me, someone very young, the opportunity to stay tied to football and I will not waste it. I’ll learn my role as a coach and give everything, as I did as a player. I have infinite gratitude to the club for giving me this opportunity, and to the fans that supported me and the doctors that treated me. I hope that football will remain part of my life for a long time. I want to start giving my support to all those athletes who have suffered like me, who have had their dreams cut short sooner than expected. Doctors recommended to me that I should not return to the shirt of Real Madrid. A problem in my heart compels me to retire, but my heart still beats for Real Madrid.”

Sad to see De la Red go? Feel free to share your thoughts or greatest memories of the player in the comments section below.

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