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De Gea Tells Atletico Madrid Supporters To "Relax"

Atletico Madrid keeper David De Gea is one of the most coveted young players in the world of football today. De Gea, who is only 20 years old, is often linked with a move to Manchester United this January, but the Atletico starter recently stressed his desire to remain with his club in La Liga.

De Gea told his club’s fans to “relax” because he plans on staying with the club:

The supporters can relax, I’m staying here. I’m very relaxed and there’s no reason to move. I’m very happy here, I’ve spent my whole life here and this is a great club that deserves everything. Atletico Madrid have given me everything. It’s a compliment that a club as great as Manchester United are interested in you, but Atletico are close to my heart and I want to stay here.

And it appears to be a win-win situation for the young star. On one hand, De Gea can could leave Spain for one of the most dreamed about destinations in the world. And considering Van der Sarr is nearing retirement, De Gea could be a starter with the English club for around two decades if everything worked out as planned. But on the other hand. De Gea is living in the same city that he has always considered home, he is one of the most respected young players in the league, and he is comfortable where he is currently at.

A move to England could make or break his career and the country isn’t the most suitable for every footballer, but a move to Man U would be tough to turn down for any 20 year old kid on the rise.  But apparently De Gea has no interest in leaving Atletico anytime soon.