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D.C. United’s Extreme Makeover

While D.C. United had the best record in the MLS last season there have been major rule changes, along with D.C. United’s desire to become a younger team, that have allowed them to totally revamp their lineup. MLS made the recent decision to allow teams in the league to field as many foreign players that they could get slots for. Because of this many international players have signed, and will continue to sign, with MLS clubs. D.C. United has the best international scouting in the MLS and their recent acquisitions point to this fact. Last year they added Luciano and Fred to the squad and have recently added three more players to add to their stacked lineup.

Midfielder Marcelo Gallardo of Argentina recently signed with United and was the biggest addition to the roster. Gallardo played in both the 1998 and 2002 World Cup and the 32 year old will fill the role of playmaker that was held by Christian Gomez. Gomez, who was the 2006 MLS MVP, is expected to be traded to another MLS club or play internationally. Also leaving United is goalkeeper Troy Perkins, who left to play with Valarenga in the Norwegian Premier League.

Goalkeeper Jose Carvallo of Peru was also added to the D.C. roster, as well as defender Gonzolo Peralta from Peru. Both of these players are expected to shore up United’s defense. Carvallo is 21 years old and played last season with Universitario de Deportes in Peru’s first division. Peralta is 27 years old and played last year with Club Almirante Brown in Argentina’s second division.

These three new international additions now make it five in the last several days, as last week United signed defender Gonzalo Martinez from Columbia and also obtained forward Franco Niell from Argentina on a one-year loan from the Argentinos Junior club.

D.C. United is not the only team to take on new international players but they are getting a jump on all of the teams in the MLS.

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